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Can the Empamec make different shapes within same machine?
The machine offers the possibility of incorporating molds for new products, formats and sizes. Empamec provides advice and support needed to the client to ensure the best production. The mold construction is independent of the manufacturer of the machine.
Is the handmade appearance lost when the machine is used?
The handmade appearance is not lost because the same dough and filling can be used. Regarding the format repulgue we have designs that simulate repulgue done manually.
Can the size, format, and repulge be changed?
The mold design is personalized and measures are set by the client. You can even carve letters and logos to define brands and flavors or repulgue format. You can make empanadas copetín, medium, traditional cake tequeños, arepas, etc.
How do can I identify the flavors?
One can order personalized letters, numbers or symbols to identify different flavors. The letters are interchangeable, so you can have more than one letter per machine. The print is fully legible before and after your product is cooked.
How does the machine work?
The machine has a steel belt that circulates and transports the forming molds in which the pie dough placed after the filling dosed manually or automatically fold the molds shaping the product. Later the mold is opened and the pie is finished to be removed from the machine and taken to the cold chamber. This system reduces labor and standardizes the product, avoiding the repulgue specialist, who usually many business depend on for production. The speed of the belt is regulated electronically and can be changed to the product's need.
Does the machine meet hygiene requirements?
The machine complies with all requirements of hygiene. There are no points where concentration of bacteria accumulates. Cleaning is simple, without points of accumulation of raw material. We recommend a food grade lubricant and neutral detergent (not acid or alkaline) for cleaning the molds used. The mounting system are simple molds for the cleaning or exchange as fast as possible. The aluminum molds are high tech, with more than 120 BRINEL hardness, has no pores, which makes it suitable for food use. Also, the machine optimizes the health conditions of those individuals working since they can wear gloves and masks, making it more hygienic than any manual system. This is due to the smaller contact the operator has with the raw material.
Do we need specialized machines to handle Empamec people?
The machine is very easy to use. Specialized staff is not needed.
Are there spare parts available in the market?
All commercial standards we use are standard and are provided worldwide.
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